is christianity/wars really responsible for slow technology advances ?

i was thinking, some say christianity didnt let research happen and other reasons.

but i just realized that technology advances did not happen no because of religion, its just that no one did it.

gravity was 'discovered' by a man who was born in 1642. no one else was smart enough to realize it before him.

einstein developed the theories that lead to many things we can do today, but he was born in 1879. maybe if he was born earlier, that technology could come earlier.

among many others.

so what im trying to say that the only way to make real advances is to wait for the birth of the next super-smart person to start his work. until then, all we can do is build the things we already know.


K. Plesner,

the point is that we dont know how. these big solutions came in the past only from the genius.

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    The development of technology is multifaceted and too complex to ever be caused by a single factor like religion.

    But technology is also not the result solely of rare scientific "culture heroes" being born.

    This sounds like an idea you got from Thomas Carlyle or Sid Meier's: Civilization IV.

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    Christianity and science are not mutually exclusive nor polar opposites.

    As a matter of truth, Christianity played key role in advancing society. Christianity created hospitals, schools, colleges and orphanages.

    Isaac Newton was a Christian. He did not discover gravity, he merely applied math to how gravity works.

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    Religion teaches you to be satisfied with not understanding the world around us. To attribute everything you don't know to magic and divine providence.

    In addition to that, you have something like 40% of the US who thinks that the Earth is 6000 years old. How can you expect scientific advances to come when you have that many people living in the dark ages? It's madness!

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    There are examples of Christian knowledge errors. One pope ordered all the existing cats to be killed because some might turn into witches. The early church refused to believe that the earth circles the sun. Many facts or ideas are ascribed to a known individual even though they superseded that person. The library at Alexandria was burned. Much of its knowledge had to be rediscovered. Real advances are being made right now. Look at your electrically powered toys and tools.

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  • 6 years ago

    Galileo found evidence that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and not the other way around. The Church refused to listen, and threatened him with torture, while placing him on house arrest.

    It took then until 1992 to publicly admit that they were wrong.

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    Yes I think Christianity helps in the invention of new ideas. Many people get inspiration from God to live their lives and try new things. :)

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    God is the only reason for advancement in technology, and just exactly what GOOD are they doing with what they got? The world has never been this far technologically advanced and in such pathetic shape. What the hell do they need more advancement in technology for???? Get real!

  • Man will only advance as far as God lets them, and no further. For their is a reason and purpose for it all.

  • 6 years ago

    We would conceivably have colonized other parts of the solar system centuries ago, if fundie religionists hadn't done all they could to drag us back into the dark ages.

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