TAX FRAUD. HELP!?!????????

I havent lived with my mother in 2 years almost 3. I filled for my taxes and it said my social has already been used. Theres no number to call them , just aform you have to fill out. I just want to know If she can take me OFF her taxes so I can get my money. Or is it too late? She cant make no changes can she? Because I threatened to report her if she doesnt fix it.

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  • The form that you must "fill out" is a paper tax return. You must mail it in to claim your personal exemption. That will trigger an automatic investigation by the IRS who will settle the matter according to the law and the evidence provided by each side.

    If she's willing to file an amended return on Form 1040-X to remove the exemption claim and pay back any excess refund, that will speed up the process significantly. If not, allow 8 to 12 weeks for resolution.

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    You file on paper. Phone calls will do nothing for you. The IRS will automatically investigate the dual claim, be prepared to show you provided over half your own support, etc.

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    She will have to file an amended form with th eIRS. the problem is that you are going to have to wait for the IRS to investigate or accept the amednded form - which can take a while.

  • 7 years ago

    She can make changes, but only in writing, not online or on the telephone.

    Even if she changes it, you still can't e-file and get the money. You can do only one or the other. Once a claim has been made, even if it is changed or withdrawn, all future claims for the same person must be made only in writing.

    You can get the money, but only if you claim it in writing, and not electronically.

    Even if she doesn't change it, you can get the money, if you claim it in writing, and not electronically.

    And even if she doesn't change it, you can only get the money, if you claim it in writing, and not electronically.

    In other words, it does really matter whether she changes it or not. Either way, you can't get the money if you claim it by e-filing, and either way you can get the money if you file on paper.

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    if your refund was denied due to the duplication of SSN, you need to protest this with IRS and demand they have her prove her eligibility to claim you

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