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Why do people target WalMart when Kmart pays a less? Is it just that they aren't unionized?


Are they being dishonest?

Update 2:

Tom - If they pay more aren't they already sharing?

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    Because Walmart makes a lot more profit than KMart, which makes how little their employees are paid that much more outrageous.

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    It's always been about the union. I guarantee that, if WM unionized tomorrow and offered lower wages and less benefits, the complaining would stop immediately.

    Liberals don't care that WM pays better than most big box stores, offers better benefits, and has a proven track record of promoting from within so there are lots of opportunities for hard workers. All they know is "union good." Facts are meaningless to a lib.


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    Uh maybe because WalMart is the worlds larger retail grocer and not k mart .and yet they are stingy like no thier employees miserable salaries that's why when you shop at a WalMart and if you notice all thier employees are bitter and angry and just look unhappy and upset and when you ask for help they are rude as hell.I can't even shop at a WalMart due to the fact that the employees are the ones paying the ultimate price by working for poor wages just to keep people like you by providing so called cheap prices which aren't so cheap anymore since the cost of food is rising.

    Source(s): My brother worked at WalMart overnight slaving away overnight for 8$ an hour.sad but true
    • Kristen S5 years agoReport

      kmart pays 7.25 an hour and you never get a raise besides a few cents if you happen to be promoted to a lead/keyholder or service desk... but most the leads have worked there their whole life and will never do anything else.

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    The Walton Family owns most of the wealth in the country.

    6 Members of Walton Family Have More Money Than 30% of Americans

    There's been a constant stream of headlines about the widening gap between rich and poor for months now, but this latest one is pretty remarkable.

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  • 6 years ago

    Walmart is the biggest most obvious example. Kmart is also an older company and brand, more well known. Walmart just appeared in the 90s and then took over everything, driving alot of people out of business.

  • Tom
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    6 years ago

    Kmart doesn't have Walmart's profits

    Which means Walmart has more love to share

  • Batman
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    6 years ago

    Walmart is huge compared to kmart. For example Kmart sold 1.5 billion$ worth of goods last year, walmart sold close to 500 billion$ worth of goods.

  • wizjp
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    6 years ago

    Probably because WalMart is the current leader in the big box retail field.

    Most other retailers are following their lead; especially the ones who are not doing so well.

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    Walmart is the largest. K-Mart has been on it's way to closing for years now, while Walmart has grown and flourished. People always pick on the biggest offender.

  • 6 years ago

    Because Walmart is the chosen scapegoat. You don't really think partisans come up with their talking points on their own do you? They repeat catch phrases they heard on news programs friendly to their party.

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