Which is a better way of moving?

I am moving because of a bad relationship I'm trying to get out of .. . I'm going to live with a friend in Clearwater florida. I live in waynesville north carolina.. i have gotten quotes from movers From carriers I'm looking from 2,033 to 3,342 .. from some broker moving companies I have quotes from 1,840 to 2,255 .. and the problem with brokers is my price could always go up because they go by weight .. or I could rent a 26" rental truck and move everything myself and my girlfriend would fly in to help and we would drive there together . Plus j have a 17 month old son.. it would cost 1,685 to move our selves .. what would be a better plan for moving so far .. I only have 3,000 and I'd need some extra cash when I get there food and a storage building for my sofas cause they aren't going to fit in her apartment .. any answers welcome .. Thank you

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  • Caren
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    7 years ago
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    stuff is not going to fit in your apartment? have a garage sale and get rid of stuff !

    and,, ,make some money

    get a smaller u-haul truck and move yourself.

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