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What is the total force on the bottom of a swimming pool 21.5m by 6.8m whose uniform depth is 1.9m ?

What is the absolute pressure on the bottom of a swimming pool?

What will be the pressure against the side of the pool near the bottom?

thank for your help

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    Bottom area = (21.5 x 6.8) = 146.2m^2.

    Pressure at bottom = (1,000 x g x 1.9) = 18,620Pa.

    Add to this 101,325Pa from the air above the water, = (18,620 + 101,325) = 119,945Pa (N/m^2).

    Force on bottom = (p*a) = 119,945 x 146.2) = 17,535,959 N., or 17.536 MN.

    You have not told where "near the bottom" is?? Besides, you could only find a pressure at any depth less than 1.9m., not a force, as there is no area. However if you had an actual depth, you could find the average force on the side similar to below, at that particular depth.

    Side area = (1.9 x 21.5) = 40.85m^2.

    The average pressure is 1/2 (119,945) = 59,972.5Pa.

    Average force = (59,972.5 x 40.85) = 2,449,876.625Pa, or 2.45 MN.

    Density fresh water = 1,000kg/m^3.

    G figure used = 9.8.

    Air pressure at STP = 101,325Pa.

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