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Is it safe to delete windows file "CBS.log" (windows 8)?

All day today ive been trying to figure out whats taking up so much space on my desktop. I found the file CBS.log in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS. This file is taking up the obsence amount of 734 gbs. I googled the the same question im asking all of you and most sites are saying "If your computer is running fine, its safe to delete CBS.log, another one will be made in its place anyway." But I just want to be sure.

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    WAIT? 734 gb? Delete it! That cannot be necessary. If most sites say it is safe, then delete it. 734 GB is a amount nothing should take!

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    If you are sure your system is okay, you can delete this file. SFC.EXE will

    create a new one, next time it is run.

    You may have a cbs.persist.log as well. The existing cbs.log gets copied to

    cbs.persist.log, each time a new cs.log is created. You can also delete this

    cbs.persist.log, if it exists.

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    You don't need a folder called system32 if you have a 64 bit system. It's all old files for 32 bit computers.

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    Cbs Logs

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