Cloning HDD to SSD but Windows fails to boot?

So I've got a laptop with a 300GB HDD which I want to replace for a 120GB SSD. The 300GB HDD will then act as a secondary hard disk. I've tried cloning my hard disk with EaseUS ToDo Backup and EZ GIG IV however none worked. When I boot from the SSD, The windows 7 logo screen (black background) loads and then a Blue Screen of Death. I've searched and many people claim to have managed cloning the hard disk.

I don't want to do a fresh install of Windows due to the many settings I've changed (and due to the fingerprint reader). The Windows 7 is the one that came pre-installed. Also I've cloned all partitions from my HDD.

Also when I access the start-up repair I'm able to see the ssd however windows can't fix the error automatically.

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  • Adrian
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    7 years ago
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    Try a different cloning tool...

    A lot of SSD vendors now give links to their own cloning tools.

    One issue may be that the SSD device is not known to Win7 yet, and trying to boot it will fail. If possible, run Win7 on HDD and plug the SSD as secondary. Make sure any drivers and updates run first. Only then shut down and clone...

    You have to remember that you are downsizing the partitions. Some cloning tools have problems with that too - hence the idea to try some other tools....

  • 7 years ago

    The SSD must be bootable, leave it blank, then clone the HD.

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