does colombia have a large middle estern ancestry?

Well am Colombian and I know Colombia dident get a big immigration from European country and well most of Colombian are mix and look white and I know there a big black community and it a question that get me curios because if there wasent a big imitation like in the u.s and Argentina and other countrys like Brazil Venezuela and I hered mexico had big Hungarian imigaration and Chile also why are colombian mostly white am talking about the white and mestizo population so am not inclueding the zaboo and black population and also why are mestizo in Colombia have more European feature it would be greatful to get answer well because we don't have or we don't get teach about are an ester and the only thing we now is Spanish found and preri much that it

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    There is a big problem to teach about Colombia ethnic groups because the Census of the year 2005 only had in mind to minority ethnic groups as Africans, Gypsies and native Americans, so it never had in mind the Colombian population of Arab descent and other ethnic groups, but in reality Colombia has a large population of Arab descent especially on the Caribbean coast. There are at least 2 million Colombians with Arab ancestry. There are also many Colombians of European descent who were not taken into account during the Census.

    Actually Colombia received much European immigration, Colombia was actually the focus of Spanish and Basque immigration during the 16th and 17th centuries. Colombia received an important community of Italians during the 20th century. Barranquilla in addition received much European immigration.

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    Colombia does have a significant amount of people with Arab descent. P.S don't listen to that Lorena troll, for some reason they like frequently bash Colombians on here.

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    Most Colombians look white?? Lmao! Most look indian and black and maybe just a touch of European. Whites makeup only 5% of Colombian. Typical Colombian loser trying to claim all white. Why do Colombians desperately want to be white??

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    most colombians look arabic

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