Do anyone know a Sheila Quann?

Hi, I registered to international performing arts for modeling. I was called right away by a woman named Sheila Quann. She told me to come in to the John Hancock Tower so we can meet and other things. She didn't ask for money. She just asked me how long in been interested in modeling. Do anyone know who she is and if she's a legit agent?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Never heard of her but International Performing Arts is not an agency, they are a school. You pay them, they don't pay you. They give classes. They don't represent models or get them jobs

    If you want to be a model you need an AGENCY not a school. No agency requires you to go to modeling classes. The big Chicago agencies are Ford, Factor Women, BMG and Lily's Talent. All but Lily's have Open Calls where you can go to their office at a specific time and they tell you on the spot if you are model material or not. The info is on their websites or you can just call to ask about open call times, Lily's doesn't do open calls. You have to send in pictures and they call you if they think you look like a model

    Look on this Yahoo post for the post by Wendy who says she was asked to pay $2395 as a deposit to hold her child's place

  • Adam D
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    7 years ago

    Yeah, we're going to know random people who are talent agents. If she was a well known agent, she wouldn't waste her time emailing or calling you... she would be so big, that she would have people do that for her.

    This is like asking if I know John Doe that works at McDonald's.

  • 6 years ago

    Yes I have! I have attended IPAA and I was actually recruited by Sheila Quann. She is a lovely woman, and the school is good for beginners. It also good for the resume. But yes, I do know Sheila Quann.

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