How would I cite JK Rowling's exclusive content on Pottermore? It's for a research paper.?

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    MLA form:

    Rowling, J.K. "page title,(e.g. "Wand Woods")." Pottermore. Sony, 2014. Web. 29 Jan.

    -----2014. < >.

    [Author name. "Article title." Website name. Site publisher, publish date. Web (since it's a website). Date of access in dd/mm/yy form. <URL>] Also, don't include those dashes next to 2014; those are just included to show the indent there. I also added the space after the the URL for the sake of Yahoo Answers, although you shouldn't

    APA form:

    Rowling, J.K. (2014). Insert article title here. Retrieved January 29, 2014, from

    -----Pottermore website:

    [Author name. (Date of publication). Article title. Retrieved (Date of access in mm/dd/yy form), from (website name) website: URL] Again, the dashes represent the indent.

    I'd recommend using Noodletools for citations. Noodletools is a fantastic website that formats your citations for you. You plug in the information (such as article name, author, etc.) and it will set it up and organize it for you. Then you can just export it to a Word document. I have access through my school's subscription, but they also have a free version. Register for an account at

    Hope that helps!

    Source(s): Noodletools
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