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Is it legal to purchase Synthroid (or levothyroxine) online through a canadian pharmacy?

I'm supposed to be on levothyroxine (or better known as Synthroid) for my hypothyroidism. I'm supposed to be on 100 mcg once daily. I've seen a website where you can purchase them online from canada and it claims no prescription is needed. Is this legal if I am in the states? And IF its legal what websites are legitimate? Thank you

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  • bw022
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    7 years ago
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    It is illegal to bring prescription drugs into the United States without FDA approval. It doesn't matter if you mail them, carry them across, etc.

    It is illegal in Canada to prescribe prescription drugs in Canada to anyone without a prescription and against various provincial laws to provide a prescription to someone with an out-of-province prescription. Most online pharmacies skirt the laws by allowing you to mail-in a prescription and delivering them from provinces which don't enforce such laws.

    The FDA has been cracking down on such companies -- sending them letters and asking US customs to inspect shipments more carefully. Health Canada has recently gone after several online pharmacies, several doctor's colleges have been warned about giving prescriptions to US patients without full medical exams, etc.

    There are no legal sites. It is illegal to import prescription drugs into the US unless they are FDA certified at every stage of production, distribution, and sale -- which Canadian drugs are not, despite the fact the are often made by the exact same US companies.

    Now... US customs may or may not enforce these laws. However, they can and do intercept prescription drugs and seize them when you can't provide FDA documentation for them. They can fine you, block international mail to your address, or even get the FDA to charge you. They rarely do this simply as it is bad publicity.

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    It can be bought over the counter in Boot's, BUT you have to have a consultation with the pharmacists.

    There are also some online pharmacies that employ qualified and registered doctors, who after an online 'consultation' provide a script that is then honored by that pharmacy. Follow pharmacies that are accredited by the VIPPS or Vet-VIPPS programs without prescription.

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