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標題:How social networks affect students

1.We all know about the effect social networking websites have had on communication. 2.But they also play a role in education. 3.Online social networks can have both good and bad influences on students. 4.Many people think these websites might distract students from their studies. 5.But they can be useful for education if their users receive proper guidance from teachers. 6.Websites like Facebook help Students in significant ways. 7.Students can connect,establish a network,and stay in contact with old and new friends. 8.Being members of a campus network helps students feel that they belong. 9.They interact With their peers, enjoy useful communication,and exchange ideas. 10.Online social networks also allow better communication between teachers and keep them interested. 12.Networks also give young prople a share of the online,high-teach world that we all now live in. 13.This is important for their futures. 14.Nevertheless,there are important concerns about the use of social networks by students by students. 15.Problems can occur as a result of sharing personal information online. 16.Newspapers often containreports of cases in which college students have been badly affected by their use of social networks,for example in the spreading of private photographs. 17.Also some people worry that students will spend all their time uploading videos or doing thinge that are of no use to their studies.18.There is also disagreement about whether it is right for students and teachers to become friends on sites like Facebook.


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