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What should I do about my teacher picking on me?

I am a junior in highschool, and my choir teacher hates me. The only thing is I've never given her any reasons. I've done everything I could have done the past three years to help her, and the department. Here are three examples of what she does to me:

When I made all northwest ACDA, (which is incredibly hard to me, 1 in 75 make it). She said you made it good for you, I'm incredibly shocked you made it, I didn't think your recording was very good.

When I asked to not partake in a choir festival due to the fact I had state basketball two days before and missing three days of instruction in class is hard to make up, when your in algebra 3....

She responded with, "you need to check your priorities because they are way out of whack. Choir should come before your classes and state basketball. You ill be there or else you won't go to state, because I won't sign your clearance slip. I'm very concerned that you think choir isn't important.

(I've been varsity basketball for two years now, and have scholarship offers from three schools)

When my grandmother died I had to miss a choir concert because the funeral was 890 miles away and it would take two days (there and back) just to travel. When I came in crying because my grandma was my favorite person ever. She said, your going to miss a concert and you think that's okay? The concert should take priority, and stop crying your using all my tissues..

I hate her because she belittles me and continues to bully me. Help! And please don't suggest quitting because I love to sing and I'm good at it.

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    1)get your caretaker involved2)tell the principal3)if 2 dont work go to the school board nd get her job pulled...

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    A choir is like a team - it's made up of a trained group of voices. When you miss two concerts, because other things are deemed more important (and I'm not saying they weren't more important), you let the team down. Your choir director is not going to like that, no matter how good your excuses are. Her priority is the team (choir), period.

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