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I have an acount I never heard of, could this be retirement money?

Okay I am young and have no idea how this retirement thing works. I had a job 2 years ago for about a year. Now I am finding out about this account under my name with money in it

it is an account with national financial services llc

what could this be??

Update 2:

i learned about the account wile trying to get medicare. Why shouldn't I withdraw from it?

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    This is probably a scam. Where and how did you learn about the account? Do not try to

    withdraw from it.

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    National Financial Services is the account servicing arm of Fidelity Investments, one of the major retail investment companies. Tax forms from Fidelity accounts say National Financial as the name of the provider.

    I'm guessing you got some sort of tax form and it has an account number on it. Call Fidelity Investments or stop by one of their retail offices and ask them what it is. Most likely it is a left over 401K account.

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    To find out for sure (and not get scammed) call the human resources department of the place you used to work. Here is a little more information about the importance of not cashing in that money if it is a retirement fund and instead rolling it into an IRA:

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