What helps you quit drugs?

I don't really consider myself an addict, but I really am hooked onto drugs ever since the first time I've tried it. I started out with just smoking pot, then I tried pot brownie's, then It led to doing triple c's, and molly. Then I tried spice and shrooms. Ive also have done ecstasy, heroin and meth. I have only done meth once. and I know for a fact I will NEVER do that again. Honestly, ever since drugs I have been happy. But ive ruined trust and relationships with my parents, family, and friends. I ditch school now, and im about to get expelled. I havnt been above average in grades for about 2 years... I really want to turn my life around. Any suggestions???

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  • 6 years ago
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    By definition you are an addict. This isn't something you can will away, It takes a conscious decision and a life long commitment to change. The only way to get off drugs is to remove them completely, for some people this means rehab. I don't consider myself an addict, but have experimented with drugs. I do not let drugs impact my life negatively. If I can't afford it, I don't take money for bills to use. If I have a family function I'm not dropping acid then showing up thinking everyone are talking trees... I generally only smoke pot if I'm going to do anything now, but in college I used a handful of the drugs you mentioned. You have had negative consequences come from your drug use, but you're continuing to use drugs... that's an addict. Not trying to be mean, but denial can be a hard thing to overcome as an addict. Too many younger adults and teenagers are becoming dependent and addicted to drugs, but they don't think they are addicted for some reason. I know from personal relationships a lot of younger people don't think they're old enough to be addicted yet, but age is only a number and anyone that uses drugs in any regularity has the ability to become addicted. If you can't afford rehab then stop associating with the current people you are because chances are good they too experiment with drugs. Try to find an N/A meeting in your area and go to one. You don't have to talk, but people will probably try to talk to you before or after the meeting. I applaud you for realizing something is wrong and you're in the process of taking a major step (accepting you can't control your drug use).

    Talk with a school counselor or your parents. I know parents can be difficult so if it's easier start with an adult you trust and can confide in. If you're having the problems you say now then your parents should already know what's going on and I'm sure they would be more than willing to step up and help you if you want to help yourself. Sometimes people don't understand addiction and they get angry, this is normal. This is a disease, if you've gotten this disease this is something you'll likely live with your entire life. I'm sure it would be easier to handle if your friends and family are on your side supporting you. Best of luck.

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    6 years ago

    Well first off you have to really want to quit, and let me be the first to tell it's going to be one of the hardest things you've ever done. You really need to see a doctor to see about how the withdraws can affect you doing it alone can be dangerous, seek out help from your parents let them know your serious about and are ready to get help.

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