Korean drama with male characters who are neglected/mentally abused?

I've been watching korean dramas lately and I want to know if there is any drama where the one of the male characters have troubled life or cold outer appearance beacause he is neglected/mentally abused/unloved by his family/lover/spouse/friends. For example~

I Miss You (harry) - was neglected by his mother.

You're beautiful (tae kyung) - mother absent from his life.

Bad Guy (tae sung) - mentally abused by family.

Last Friends (sousuke) - betrayed by his mother.

Mars (chen ling) - neglected by his mother and step dad.

It could be Korean, Japanes, Taiwanese, Chinese also as long as it has good story line.


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    Korean -

    Secret/Secret love

    Protect the boss (has comedic parts on the whole)

    Cheongdamdong Alice

    Bad love

    Cruel city

    Feast of the gods (one of the main male characters, the chef guy)

    Taiwanese -

    Tokyo Juliet

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