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So What Is Your Greatest Grammy Awards Upset: Kacey Musgraves, Lorde, Macklemore/Ryan Lewis Or Daft Punk?

Okay The Greatest Grammy Awards Upset Ever To Being Picked Ever On Sunday Night: Kacey Musgraves, Macklemore/Ryan Lewis, Lorde Or Daft Punk So Who You Picked?

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    I didn't like that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis received "Best Rap Album". It should've went to Kendrick Lamar. Macklemore even texted Kendrick saying sorry he robbed him. I didn't care much for Kasey Musgraves. Lorde and Daft Punk deserved their Grammy awards though.

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    Lorde and Daft Punk totally deserved their awards. I wasn't happy that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won 4 Grammys. They didn't deserve all 4 but yeah, they're awesome and I really like them!

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    I thought Kendrick Lamar should've won Best Rap Album. I'm really digging Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but I think Kendrick Lamar dropped some sicker beats than Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. They only won because they are favorites....which is fine because they are awesome artists too. But....I think Kendrick went a little harder as far as Best Rap Album.

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    ROYALS! Same Love should have won!! I cried when I saw that.

    But...the Same Love performance made it better...<3

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