Is there a good Sci-fi 4e D&D?

To all the GMs out there I humbly ask for your assistance. I, The GM, in my group was asked to run a Sci-fi D&D game (4e unfortunately) which is fine I have many ideas for it and can use things like Dragonstar to build the equipment but my group wants to run a game with no magic (They have high notations that magic does not belong in space or Sci-fi games). So I in essence got them to agree to allowing Psionic as a alternative since psychics are in Sci-fi. The issue I run into is now my group is annoyed in the fact that they have little class and race choices. So I was wondering what I should do to solve my conundrum? I would love to add more Psionic and Martial Classes but I am not really happy commuting several hours sculpting classes that will most likely step on the toes of other classes. Now the race issue is only so bad after all I just didn't want Ewoks and Halo Grunts running around in a serious game setting...

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