What should I get my boyfriend for valentines day?

I've known him for about 3 years but we just started dating a month ago. He likes to hunt, to fish and he likes chevys. What should I get him for valentines day? I want it to be cute but I want him to like whatever I get him also, any ideas?

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    7 years ago
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    Hi Michele Masters,

    1. Perfumes or Colognes : Masculine feel you can select perfumes to match the personality too. There are extensive varieties of perfumes deodorants, body sprays and colognes, each having certain base and extract added aromatic extracts for the lingering fragrance throughout the day. You can select by categories as perfumes for athletes, men who attend meetings, seminars, conferences and have to stay in air-conditioned environment for several hours all dressed up. Some use fragrance when attending ceremonies or parties, let your fragrance not be strong to make people feel nauseated. Therefore be careful about making selection.

    2. Personalized Gift : You can choose a wallet, pouch, traveler bag, there are the satchel’s, backpacks, flight bags, duffle bag, barrel bags, and shopping ones to choose from. Considering the usage and requirement of your dear one decide upon the item suitable and useful. A person with touring jobs or passion will need a barrel or holdall, whereas a guy who is the sport freak may find the bum bag or backpack to suit his requirements, as going for treks, to college, camping and so on.

    3. Romantic Gift Basket : Romantic valentine day gift basket ideas can be among the most popular ideas which are frequently exchanged between the true lovers on this most romantic and lovely day of the year. You can put lots of gifts to these wonderful gifts baskets like flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates and plants and chocolate truffles in order with a view to make a yummy or delicious gift basket for your loved one. Such types of tasty and magnificent baskets look tremendously unusual and can be an exclusive gift basket for your dearest.

    4. Valentines Day Flowers :

    Flowers are the most beautiful gift ever. you can express your feeling and emotions for that special person.

    5 . Fashion jewelry : You can give valentine day jewelry the silver, gold plated or platinum jewelry pieces as the cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, there are luxurious manly collections especially designed for appeal. Pick a style of jewelry that is modern and rebelliously manly for a masculine touch to your piece. Latest are the rodium plated accessories for a trendy time representing the century.

    Many more present ideas you can get it on gift blooms and they have big collections of romantic gifts.

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