Electric vehicle parking space?

What if i were to just put a plug for an electric car on my truck? The parking at my university is terrible and there are dozens of unused electric vehicle parking spaces.

My truck is a 1982 toyota that is lifted with mud all over it, so it probably wouldnt be very believable as an electric hybrid type vehicle.

I would simply buy an sae j1772 plug and intall it on my fender, so i could still "plug in" my truck. It just wouldnt be charging anything... Unless i install a window a/c unit or something to keep my cab nice and cool.

Too sleazy? Or kinda smart, using the unused parking spaces that were just installed in excess to help the school's "green" image?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The only immediate issue I can forsee is that your vehicle will then become an obvious target not only for those who hate "clean vehicles" but from an irate electric vehicle operator who senses you are cheating.

    But give it a try. After a fashion you might think that you could use special lanes of traffic and why not a tax deduction because you have a "green" truck?

    You clearly think that appearances are far more important than any sense of fair play, honesty, or even legality. Perhaps you also feel that you can be a deceitful person without becoming deceitful. Unfortunately there is a saying that we are what we do.

    Perhaps at your age a reputation has little meaning and you certainly think you are far more clever than anyone around you so you will never be "caught." Never mind that this is the mindset of many criminals. So give it a try and let us hear about the results.

  • 7 years ago

    It would seem to be a very good plan and it would probably work but the other people on campus might report you or the campus police who frequently check the parking lots of stickers will write you a citation.

    It might be better to park your truck in the nearest parking lot take the bike out of the back of the truck and ride to the classes on campus.

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