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Ways to ask somebody who likes Adventure Time to sadies?

Our school has sadies hawkins dance where girls ask guys and I want to ask my boyfriend using something from the show Adventure Time. I've never seen the show but I know it's his favorite and I want to incorporate it into the poster? Any ideas?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Awww Adventure Time is the best show. You're missing out.

    I think you could probably be flame princess and he could be Finn


    You could be Lady Rainicorn and he could be Jake.

    Finn and Flame Princess are broken up now because Finn was really into Flame Princess beating up the Ice King. He's into some weird stuff.

    My personal favorite is what the fans did and made Fiona and Marshall Lee a couple. Surprisingly the fanfic is my favorite for couples.

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    Probably in your case, you being Fiona is the most fitting for the Sadies Hawkings theme because Fiona is the Female version of Finn. That and Finn has terrible luck with girls.

    You could also bake cupcakes

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