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Anonymous asked in HealthOptical · 7 years ago

I think I need reading glasses?

When I look at the t.v I have to squint to see the guide. When I'm in the front and the back I can't see the board. My friend had the same prob then got glasses. I'm scared! Last year in the distance everything was blurry. I haven't had my eye test yet what can I do untilled then? Btw my mom wont believe me. Plus I don't want glasses or contacts!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You don't need reading glasses, but you do need glasses. From what you describe your "nearsighted" So the glasses you need will allow you to see things that are at a distance. But considering that you probably needed glasses more than a year ago and and your vision has slowly been getting worse over time you may need to wear them most of the time.

    I know you don't want glasses or contacts but at some point you won't have any choice. You didn't give your age but you mentioned the board so i would assume you mean the board at school. The board is only going to get more and more blurred for you. How or why your teachers haven't taken notice is surprising to me, but at some point there will be a teacher that sees your unable to see the board and she will have you see the school nurse and the school nurse will send or call your parents about your need for glasses. I am so amazed at why parents try to push off the idea that their son or daughter may need glasses without bothering to get their eyes checked. I have seen this where I worked and its always the same comment "he/she has always had perfect vision" never mind the fact that they haven't had their eyes checked for sometimes many years.

    As far as what you can do, its simple you hve to convince your mom that you really can't see the bosrd at school and that you are pretty sure you need glasses.

    You said your friend wears glasses. Ask her, or him, how it feels to wear glasses/ that person will be a big help for you when you get yours. But as much as you say you don't want them i think once you get them and see how much you have been missing you will start to like them at least a little bit more. Remember it will be up to you how much you wear your glasses so if you feel like your okay with not wearing them for some things that's fine but at least when you do need to see something you can put them on and see it fine.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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    Actually, sounds like you need distance glasses, reading far away (chalkboard, TV, etc) counts as distance vision, even though technically, you are reading. The only way to know for sure is arrange to get an eye test, if you have insurance, it probably covers it. If your parents aren't believing you about needing glasses, maybe get the school nurse to send home some kind of "official-looking" letter stating they you failed a routine vision screening and it is imperative that you get a proper eye exam ASAP. There are only 3 common ways to correct your vision 2 of them (glasses & contacts) you don't want to do and the 3rd one, laser surgery, you can't do until you are round 21-ish or so. So you have a problem, I would suggest, initially, getting glasses, they are easier to deal with and cost less than contacts, and there are tons of cool frame styles to choose from. Sometimes it helps if you mention you are getting glasses to your friends at school a week or two before you actually show up with them.

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    7 years ago

    Yes you need something to see better. If you get glasses it won't be reading glasses it'll be myopic glasses. But don't worry, since your condition is mild, there are treatment methods. You should get your eyes tested now but since you don't seem to have headaches or anything like that, don't purchase anything yet.

    I won't suggest getting contacts now since it's too mild. You don't want to be wearing something all day long because you don't need it yet. You eyes and lenses are flexible. Wearing them 24/7 will make your eyes get used to the glasses/correction and your sight will be blurry once you remove the correction. If you have trouble seeing the board try to move your seat, but if you still can't see you should get glasses but ONLY USE THEM WHEN REALLY NECESSARY. Always get glasses at least -0.5 less than your prescription. If your prescription is high, you can get -1.00 less (but that's not you, so don't worry bout that). You want your eyes to be able to flex. Improving vision is really possible (I have), so really having a mild prescription is ok.

    There are also machines that you can look into that produce colorful lights. I don't know how those work but I know they've been proven to work.

    Another method you can try is hold books away from your eyes, as far as your arms could go. If you can still see very clearly, purchase a pair of reading glasses between +0.50 and +1.00 (they will make your vision more blurry and train your eyes) and continue reading still holding your book away. This will make your eyes strain and stretch to see so it will train them to see farther distances.

    You can try the eye exercises, but they didn't work for me. I wouldn't bother trying it unless I really ran out of options.

    If none of those work you can still try the orthodontic contacts (night contacts) so you won't have to wear anything during the day. Those reduce the progression of your myopia. You can use them along some of the tips I gave you.

    Hope I helped (: good luck

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You really need to watch Samantha Pearson's video at It tells you how you can 100% naturally and safely cure almost any visual problem and the real truth about the Eyecare industry...thing is.. your glasses and contact lenses are in fact making your eyes worse.

    At first I didn't believe it but right now I don't need glasses anymore. I feel like something magic has happened to me, crazy!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    did they make the screen look sharper ? reading glasses are for up close, computer glasses focus out further. Are you sitting up close ? get an eye exam, Costco is $45 I think. then you will know for sure.

  • 5 years ago


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