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Grey's Anatomy Fans: Opinions on the Season 10 Midseason Finale?

I know this happened a long time ago but what did y'all think? Honestly, I hate Jackson so much. And I really don't think he deserves April. How can he say he loves her when he never fought her after she started seeing Matthew and started a relationship with Steph? So not only did he waste his time but poor Steph, she was going to tell him she loved him! If "Japril" happens, I'm going to be very upset. Matthew is so much like April and is much better for him than Jackson. What are your opinions? Not just on Jackson and April, but Meredith and Cristina fighting, and Arizona trying to make things work with Callie, Alex and Jo, etc? What do you think will happen? What do you want to happen? By the way, I didn't understand the storyline in the episode with Derek. All I know is that some government people came, and he said something like "it's not how you do it, it's why you do it." What was happening, I really didn't understand. All answers are appreciated.

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    I've never really liked Jackson or April very much. I don't mind them, they're just not my favourite characters. Jackson picked a very stupid moment to tell April he wanted her. It was rude that he did it in front of her friends, family and Matthew. And to put her on the spot like that wasn't fair. I like Matthew but I'm not sure who I prefer with April.

    I hate Meredith and Cristina fighting because I love their friendship, and seeing as Sandra Oh (Cristina) is leaving at the end of season 10, it would be nice for them to stay friends.

    I think Callie and Arizona should get back together and resolve their issues.

    I like Jo and Alex together, but I wish Izzie came back :( In fact I wish Izzie, Lexie, George, Mark and Addison all came back.

    In 10x12 Derek got a call from the president and a job offer so it might create some drama.

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