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What if you lose your testicles at a young age?

I read a story about two siblings that were fighting and the boy had to get his testicles removed because of some accident. I don't his exact age, but he was young. But what would be some of the effects that he would have on his life losing his testicles at such an early age?

Like will puberty hit him like every other boy?

Would he be less masculine than other guys?

What would happen to him when he's an adult?

I know he won't produce sperm, but that's a given. How much testosterone do the testes produce and how will it affect him by losing them?

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    If a boy loses his testicles before he starts puberty, he will not develop normally as a male would during puberty. His body would typically remain in the same prepubescent state through adulthood.

    However... if that boy is put on a hormone replacement therapy or HR T, he will develop normally as any boy would going through puberty.

    The testicles produce around 90 percent of the body's testosterone. Without testicles HRT would be required for normal male development. Even though the boy would develop as a normal male would, without testicles that also produce sperm he would not have the ability to father children.

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    you can get artifical hormones and go through life perfectly fine.

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