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What do you think of Ariana Grande?

She is lately being judged because she's 21 dresses like she's 12 and puts her hair like a 5 year old with all the bows and weres it the same 24/7.My friends also say that she sounds to much like Mariah Carey and copied her whistle tones (high pitch thing.) And that she's a slut because she cheated on Jai with Nathan blah blah blah! She sure is getting alot of hate.She recently fell down I heard and started crying? I don't know I used to like her but now I don't what do you think of her???


I did do my research on her I even know she has a brother named Frankie Grande,maybe sl*t wasn't my best word to use but you get my point.I use to be an arianator.I know alot about her these were other peoples prospective i used geezus not mine sorry if i offended anyone? :/

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    Mariah Carey didn't invent whistle notes, and that is not Ariana's fault that

    she can do them. She wears extensions so she can't change her her too

    often, lots of her hair fell out during the process of dying her hair for Victorious.

    Ariana says:

    "I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first 4 years of playing Cat . . . as one would assume, that completely destroyed my hair," she wrote. "I now wear a wig on Sam & Cat. My real hair is back to brown and I wear extensions, but I wear it in a pony tail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down. "I tried wigs, they looked RIDICULOUS. Tried a weave because I am working on a new project and want to try some different looks, and literally wanted to rip my scalp off," the "Tattooed Heart" singer explained. "So as annoying as it is for y'all to have to look at the same hair style all the time, it's all that works for now (AND I'm comfortable for the first time in years) . . . And trust me, it's even more difficult for me to have to wait forever for my natural hair to grow back and to have to wear more fake hair than every drag queen on earth combined," she joked. "So PLEASE gimme a break about the hair (or just don't look at me lol.) IT'S JUST HAIR AFTER ALL," she wrote. "There are way way way more important things. Love y'all very much."

    There is no proof about Jai and Nathan, so don't believe everything you see.Frankie is a really nice person,

    and cares for Ariana. Be an Arianator, she is seriously none of what you said above.

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    Mariah Carey didn't freaky invent whistle tones.

    Even if she did, she doesn't own them. There are 7+ billion people on Earth. I assure you; it's more than just Ariana & Mariah who can do whistle tones.

    and I don't get what's so wrong with bows? (or florals. I see a lot of Arianators get their panties in a twist over it.)

    I wear a lot of bows. And florals. I also wear other things. She looks younger in general because she's not curvy. No matter what she does, she's gonna look like that anyway. Her outfit in The Way video; everyone kept making fun of her because she has a boyish body. :|

    idgaf about her relationships.

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    She copied Mariah? What the ****, she never did. That is just her natural talent, she was just borned with gifted voice and worked incredibly hard with it.if you were borned with talent you are copying someone? That is just bullshit, She was instead inspired by Mariah, get your facts straight before you judge. Oh and she didn't purposely cheat on Jai, their relationship got complicated so they decided to seperate for a while, even in interview she said she didn't cheat. So what if she did? It's her life and her decision to make, not yours.

    She is actually really nice person, do not ever call her slut .-. especially if you don't know a lot about her

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    I hate her! She's WAY overrated. the next Miley Cyrus. LOL!

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  • 6 years ago

    I think she is sexy and cute at the same time

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