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Marines! I need some questions answered about SOI/ITB! Camp Geiger?

I really would like current Marines to answer my questions. Maybe someone who just finished ITB at camp Geiger. Is it true that they don't have over night liberty anymore b/c of some on the female Marines being raped off base? I'm trying to visit someone there and i didn't know if he could get over night? Have any of you had over night liberty at Camp Geiger? Also if anyone could shine some light on Security forces school in Norfolk Va that would also be helpful. :)


thanks Sean! I didn't know you could request over night! I hope that works :) how do i get hold of you if i have anymore questions? you just mad my day lol gave me hope

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  • 6 years ago
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    hey it all depends on what company he's in. I went through less than a month ago. I was in alpha co itb and we never had overnight. however, you can request overnight from the 1st sgt. i got dropped due to an injury and while i was in holding i requested overnight from the SSgt who was in charge of me and he granted it. will he automatically get overnight: no. can he request for it: yes. hope that helps.

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