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I have a Blind skateboard but I can't find my abec rating on bearings?

Just recently I was cleaning my Blind skateboard bearing I saw that two of my bearing shields were being melted by that isopropyl alcohol 70%. So I took off my shield and bearing balls seem to be alright. Now I was looking for my abec rating from this bearing and couldn't find it anywhere. My old Kryptonics skateboard has the abec rating, 3 on it (of course I got it from walmart, so cheap, I already knew the board would break).

My Blind Skateboard is from a really good warehouse, and everyone prefers it, but I want tell you what it is. Since I don't know the rating number for the bearings, I am looking to buy abec 7 since those are more preferred abec 9 I don't want, and I don't want anything below abec 7. Any suggestions? I know this is the worst question but I would be happy with a good answer. Thank-you all :)

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    ABEC is basically meaningless for skates and boards. It is for vibration in high speed machinery, at speeds that would be over 200 mph on a board. It does not tell you anything about quality or speed that it will spin.

    I don't know why the there was a problem with the shields, Isopropyl is an extremely mild solvent and won't damage any typical shield material. None of the alcohols will clean out grease or oils well. They just have the wrong type of molecule.

    For grease or gels, I use lamp oil which will dissolve them.

    If you are going to use a light oil, just drain out the lamp oil as best you can and they will mix.

    If you are going to use a grease or oil, the lamp oil will break them down so I wash it out with dish soap and water and then dry them before putting the grease in.

    For light oils, dish soap and water is a great cleaner. Just dry them out and relube. I use denatured alcohol or acetone to dry them. Just dunk them in a little and let them air dry.

    As someone else said, you need to take out one shield so that the solvent can flow into the bearing well and clean them. You only need to take out one shield and you can throw it out instead of replacing it. Just install them with the missing shields to the inside of the wheel. No dirt comes from that side.

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    ABEC ratings are irrelevant to skateboarding. Unless there is something wroing with the bearings, keep them.

    Always take shields off before cleaning. You can't clean them with them on it's like washing the inside of a jar with the lid on and as you found out, cleaners can damage them. 70% isopropyl alcohol contains 30% water, don't use it. Use denatured alcohol from the hardware store.

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    Not all bearings are rated by ABEC. All ABEC does is measure displacement, which is only a very small part of how a bearing performs.

    As I think you have found out, you must take the bearing shields off before you clean them.

    Source(s): 2 years of skating
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