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what skakeboard should i get?

I just started to like skateboarding and want to know whats the best skateboard to get im 18 and I want too cruies around and do basic tricks

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    I'll try to help you out.

    Deck- the only thing that really matters is the width. If you want to do technical stuff (street, tricks) get a width of between 7.6 and 8 inches. If you're leaning towards vert, bowl, or just cruising around, you can afford to go wider than 8 inches.

    Shoes- you have two options. Vulcanized or Cupsole. Vulcanized shoes have a thinner, rubber sole that allows for very good board feel at the cost of padding. Vulcan are good for technical skating. Cupsole shoes have much less board feel and much more padding. So if you think you want to ollie off of stairs, or just don't want to hurt your feet, get cup soles.

    Griptape- just make sure the sheet is big enough for your deck

    Riser/shock pads- these are inserts that go in between the bottom of your deck and the baseplate of your trucks. They are optional. They raise your board off the ground to prevent wheelebite and reduce pressure cracks on your deck.

    Trucks- should be the same axle width of your deck. Many come in Hi-Mid-Lo options. It's completely a preference thing.

    Hardware- if you have riser pads then go for hardware longer than an inch

    Wheels- measured in 2 ways. Durometer and diameter. Durometer is how hard your wheels are. They are measured on the "a" scale. The lower the number the softer the wheel. 70a is a very soft wheel and 100a is a very hard wheel. A harder wheel will: Allow you to roll much faster than a softer wheel, but makes for a very bumpy ride. Harder wheels also last longer than softer ones. Diameter is how big your wheels are. The bigger the wheel is, the faster you go.

    Bearings: rated in many different ways. Most often rated on the ABEC scale. Abec3 is the worst quality and Abec9 is the best.

    I would not recommend buying a complete as you do not get to decide your personal preferences.

    My setup: ZooYork 7.75 inch deck, Mob griptape, Element 1/8 inch shock pads, Royal 7.75 inch Lo trucks, 1.25 inch hardware, Ricta Naturals 55mm 99a wheels, Bones REDS bearings. I skate Etnies cupsole shoes.

    Source(s): 2 years of skating
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    I'd say go with a cheaper brand name deck for ur first board so you can see what size you like and not break the bank and ride a wider board like an 8 or bigger depending on your feet size if you have around 10-11 feet or near there 8 would be OK for cruzing if you start to get into tricks a smaller board would be easier to flip and spin.

    If your looking to just cruse you could buy a Ste of large long board wheels and put them on your board for just smooth skating and the smaller skateboard wheels for when you feel like doing more aggressive tricks

    Source(s): Skating for 8 years BTW when you go to buy the board ask to see it when you do put it on the ground and stand on it to make sure the board feels comfertable to you
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