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Who would win in a fight between Josh "Mega Punk" Thomson and Melvin Guillard?

I think Mega Punks has a big advantage in overall skills, exp against top level LW fighters, and cardio. Thomson IMO is also more durable than Guillard. Guillard has advantage in KO power, boxing, and speed, although Thomson is actually a fast guy too. But overall striking I give to Thomson cause he is good at controlling range when he strikes, and can throw high volume of kicks, that would give Guillard problems. I also think Thomson movement would land takedown and I think Thomson would eventually get Guillards back and choke him out.

I would pick Mega Punk by sub via 2nd or 3rd round.


@jonathan that was not a robbery. That was a close fight, Either guy winning is understandable.

BTW Benson did way more damage than Thomson in that fight. Landed way more strikes.

Update 2:

@stick Thomson is a very smart fighter, I think he can use his footwork and movement to avoid damage against Guillard. Guillard is usually a dangerous guy when he can dedicate the fight. Varner was able to beat Guillard cause he refused to let Guillard dictate the fight. Guillard has better speed than Thomson but I think Thomson has the better footwork and as a striker considerably more versatile than Guillard.

Update 3:

@stick also I never seen a fighter with worse back defense than Guillard, if Thomson get his back once it could be it.

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    I'm with you on how the fight plays out..

    I don't think Thomson is a better striker. Melvin is a f*cking monster on the feet, he's got that freakish speed/violent factor about him. He's on a level where if he scores a KO, it's likely he gets a KOTN bonus b/c it's so brutal.

    BUT, Thomson is just an overall waaaay better fighter than Melvin. I think the fight would play out like Guillard's fight w/ Jim Miller.

    Melvin might beat him up for a couple of minutes on the feet, but Thomson is durable and will take whatever comes his way.

    Then eventually, Melvin will do something stupid and he'll pay for it. Thomson is great at taking the back, just look at what he did to Bendo.

    I'd bet a good amount of money on Thomson by submission in this one. It's inevitable he takes Guillards back at some point, and when he does it'll be game over.

    Josh by sub 2nd or 3rd (like you).

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    I think Josh thompson cardio and striking skills is better than Guilliards. It will be a great fight but the punk will score a 2nd. round KO or a decision victory.

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    I would go with punk by 3rd. round submission.

    BTW: Johnathon is Keyboard warrior back up account. He discredit every fighter at the top.

    I scored it 48-46 for Bendo.

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    7 years ago

    Josh Thomson!

    BTW, Thomson beat Henderson! He got robbed big time!

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    7 years ago

    Chuck Norris would win.

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