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How to overcome fear of ANIMALS?

I'm scared of dogs and cats A LOT. Once my friends dog chased me in front of every single person at school. I was embarrassed and humiliated so I locked myself in a classroom until the dog went and every student went to class. I'm also scared of cats coz a kitten loves my sister and the cat thought I was her so it ran after me up the stairs and I almost tripped. I've been scared of all animals ever since even though I love dogs and cats. How to I overcome the fear of animals? PLEASEE HELPPP!!!!


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    First you need to realize that not all animals are friendly. Secondly, if you run, the dog will chase you. If you're around dogs, stay calm. If you dont, they'll get hyped up, and chase after you, maybe even nip or snap at you playfully. If you want the dog to ignore you, you need to ignore the dog. It can be hard, if you have a fear of them, but just let them smell you, pat them a bit, then ignore them. You need to be around animals, if you want to lose the fear of them. Maybe visit a friend with a dog or cat and spend some time with it. Don't squeal, don't run away. Stay calm and show the animal that you are not scared of it.

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    Lol your question made me smile because lots of people get these things happen to them however not all dogs will chase you, as for cats now come on how could one of these lovely little creatures ever hurt you.

    My advice is to put treats in your pocket like broken biscuits then go and get a saturday job helping out in rescue shelters, look into the eyes of every dog that is in there then think of what that animal has gone through. I am sure you will meet a dog that will steal your heart, the dog that chased you would have stopped if you had he thought it was a game.

    Aw don't miss out on the love of a dog that will be your best pal, you can tell it all your secrets and it will never betray you the only time it will make you cry is when it dies.

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    You could go and get some Cognitive behavioral Therapy that would Help you over come your fear.

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    Aversion Therapy. Go to a dog kennel and convince the staff to lock you in with some dogs. After a few days, you'll be fine with dogs. If they haven't eaten you by then.

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      not gonna listen to a newbie who sits in cages with dogs!

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