Should I buy this RX8 or try to keep my s10 running?

Recently, my 2001 2.2L s10 scared the crap out of me by randomly cutting out while I driving to a friend's house. All the symptoms pointed to the fuel pump going out, but I was told by the mechanic it was just a blown fuse caused by loose wires sitting on the exhaust manifold.

However, while waiting for the word on my truck (convinced it was my almost-new fuel pump gone bad already), I had already contacted my bank and started shopping for a new car. I found a 2004 Mazda RX8 for $7500 with 46k miles and a clean carfax. I've already test driven the RX8 and fell in love with the stark differences in comfort and power between the vehicles.

So now, I'm left with the decision to go ahead and pick up the RX8 (knowing that I've wanted one for about 2 years now and already had non-emergency plans to get one this coming summer), which would leave me on a limited budget until I start my internship in June, or hope that my truck keeps running.

Why my truck scares me: at 208,000 miles, I'm on my third engine (granted, it's only 1 year old so far and still has 2 years on its warranty... I also got a new OEM fuel pump 2 years ago, alternator is less than a year old), I have a hole in the radiator, since my last ("professional") oil change there's been a drip from the plug, I have serious problems with steering alignment that seems to have resulted from an accident that occurred before I got the vehicle (at 76,000 miles) that has me turning the steering wheel about 30 degrees to the right to go in a straight line, paint and clear coat have almost completely vanished from front left fender, no arm rest on driver's door (a door which I cannot keep a top pin in to save my life), no seat adjustment levers on driver's side, a check engine light that never goes away, and it needs a new front bumper.

Why this isn't as clear cut decision as it seems: I am a college student with a part time job living on a limited budget. A new car would knock about $30 a week off of my weekly allotment. I also have a motorcycle (still paying notes on) that I use most of the time to go to work and class. 4 wheels are mostly for below-zero mornings and trips home (every other weekend). I'm also not selling the truck, unless I'm in a very tight situation; my late father bought it for me and it holds a lot of memories and I've always dreamed of restoring it one day.

Fair warning: I do not want to hear a history lesson about the reliability of an RX8. I'm aware of it and I have accepted it. I would also rather keep putting money into my truck than buy a car that I'm not in love with.

I've tried to be honest, and I know this will seem like a clear cut decision to some. But I will still appreciate your advice.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Go for the RX8. Adding a little two stroke oil to the fuel helps with the lubrication of the cylinders.

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