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Why is the super bowl always held at a neutral stadium?

The more important question though is, why aren't regular playoff games held at neutral locations too? Why just the super bowl?

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    It only seems they are held in neutral stadiums. For the most part, Super Bowls have been held in NFL stadiums, with some exceptions.

    As the NFL championship games progressed, they have been held in "neutral stadiums" only because none of the designated stadiums home teams have ever qualified for the SB. The closest a "home team" was in a Super Bowl was in 1985 (SBXIX) held at Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, CA - down the road from Candlestick Park, San Francisco. 49ers beat Miami.

    If either, or both, the NY Giants and NY Jets had reached the XLVIII Super bowl, they would be playing in their home stadium - not neutral.

    Super Bowl stadium sites are decided 3-4 years in advance - 2015 in Arizona (Cardinals stadium); 2016 in Santa Clara (49ers new stadium) and 2017 in Houston (Texans stadium). Maybe one of those will be the home stadium of a Super Bowl team (?). If not, they will be "neutral stadiums" for the SB teams.

    Playoff game locations are determined by home field advantage - awarding the better playoff teams to play in front of its fans at home. To schedule neutral sites on a week's notice would cause some undo hardships on the teams, fans and the designated neutral stadiums - whose teams finished the regular season 1 to 3 weeks before.

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    Locations are chosen years in advance so the fact that no team has played in their home stadium is more of a fluke than a planned event.

    2015 Super Bowl will be at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

    2016 in San Francisco's Levi's Stadium

    2017 in Houston's Reliant Stadium

    2018 is projected to be played in either Indianapolis, New Orleans or Minneapolis. The NFL selected those three cities as possible host sites with a final decision to be announced in May 2014. Seattle has also been mentioned lately as a possibility for a future Super Bowl along with London England.

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    The road team probably wouldn't be happy that the home team gets to play at home. You would need some objective way to determine who should get homefield and there really isn't any way to do that fairly. Weather is another reason as is the fact that plan them years in advance which they couldn't do if they had to wait and see who won.

    Why aren't there more neutral location games? The NFL wants to draw fans to games and create loyalty to teams. It also cuts down on travel expenses which used to be important back when the NFL started.

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    it would be way to complicated to choose stadiums, and then local fans of teams would hardly be able to go to their teams playoff games easily, the Super Bowls is held in a neutral stadium so there is no chance of it being played in some shitbox stadium like if the Raiders went to the Super Bowl.

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    Because historically it was NFL vs. AFL. The Grey Cup is the same way, except for it's east vs. west.

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