Do Russians hate or like Americans?

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  • Marc
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    6 years ago
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    i have never come across hate in 23 years in the USSR or Russia. TV never taught people to hate Americans. while Americans were loathing everything Soviet on TV, they were watching news or ballet.

    in 1991 USSR, we were out late in Moscow, i took my American passport and told my Russian fiance i would get some bread from a closed store. i said "i am American, i am very hungry" in Russian. the store had closed about 45 minutes before and they were doing inventory, i suppose. a man opened the door and asked "what do you need?" and allowed me to buy bread.

    once before boarding a plane, a lady selling tomatoes at the bus stop for the airport asked me if i wanted 3 KILOGRAMS i said, no 3 PIECES. she handed me three and said they are yours. free. at that time, tomatoes were very expensive in winter.

    my wife applied to a local school for a job. they learned her new HUSBAND was American, they hired ME. (and i was on vacation... i thought).

    i still visit the school when on vacation. my son attends and is often asked to speak to other English classes to tell about life in USA. he is 10.

    when he was born, 9 days old, i joined several cars in a left turn lane we created. i asked the police (with American accent) to be quick interrogating me because i had a baby in the car, he asked how old, when i said 9 days, he handed me some police ID documents a colleague had left behind and asked me to deliver them to the neighboring republic where we live. so instead of a fine, i was given a duty.

    and many more instances. old people walking to fish light up when i ask for directions on the road and tell them i am American. Russian people are always friendly to me and seem to harbor much less hatred than Americans. i have learned to mimic that quality.

  • 6 years ago

    I am an American who has been living and working in Russia for the past five years. Living here in Russia is great and the Russian people are fantastic! Most Americans do not know anything about Russia, and assume that because of the politics and American movies (Russians are frequently the "bad guys"), Russias may not be friendly to Americans. Well I can say that it is not what I expected here, all for the better. Not only have I always been treated fairly and with respect, many Russians seek me out to practice their English and learn more about America. Too bad our politicians can't get along better, because there are many similarities between our countries and we could and should be much better friends. As in almost all countries, one is judged not where they are from but who they are as a person. Although our living conditions and circumstances may be different, people around the world are basically the same in that they want to live safely in peace, have a decent job to provide for their familes, etc. Again, Russian people are fantastic and they do like Americans.

  • Ruslan
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    6 years ago

    Some of the Russians hate the Americans. Some of the Russians like the Americans.

    Majority of the Russians don't care about the Americans.

  • Golub
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    6 years ago

    Most Russians are indifferent towards Americans. Americans, on the other hand. seem to be rather preoccupied with Russian stereotypes as evidenced in video games,movies (not to mention the whole Russian dash cam craze on the internet and tired out soviet russia jokes). You have to dig real deep before you find at least a semi-positive(hell,just even neutral) news story about Russia coming from the West. It's pretty ironic how Russians are accused of still having a "cold war mentality" when it's often the other way around.

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  • Yes
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    6 years ago

    Most Russians do like Americans, but I do not. The only reason why I dislike most Americans is because of how much they detest people who are not like them. Most of them are hypocrites because they say that in their country everyone is treated equally and fairly and that is not true at all. Russians and most other Slavic people look different from the rest of the people that the Americans consider white and most Americans do not like people unless they are "white" like the majority of Americans. After living in fear everyday of my life in the United States, I now know that they do not like my because of the fact that I am Russian and now I want to leave America and go somewheres where I will be accepted as a fellow human being instead of a minority like I have been.

  • 6 years ago

    Why should we like you?!

    I perceive no one can tell you this for sure but the overall situation seems to be as follows:

    the majority of Russians tend to be indifferent to America and Americans which is rather sad because America is and has always been our main geopolitical foe and the struggle for global primacy still continues to be played, but now we have some new aspirants to global power who joined the game relatively not so long ago.

    Americans MUST be viewed as our mortal enemies, because that's who they are (those people who have poor education and don't understand geopolitics will beg to disagree with that assertion of mine, but after all they have the internet at their service....what they need and obviously lack is intelligence), and it would be misleading and patently foolish to deny it.

    As for the rest of us, they are also divided into several subgroups, namely there are people who openly and truthfully hate America (the majority), though I wouldn't say that "hate" is the right word that fits very well to describe what most of them feel for Americans and America, de facto it's a complex mixture of feelings that is not easy to analyze and there are also those who adore America, worship your government and accept liberal values. Thank God almighty they are in the minority.

    There are some certain qualities that are inherent to most of you and all of them are negative, and I believe that's what makes Russians and Europeans in general hate you.

    All in all, to conclude, I must say that it would the height of absurdity to suggest that the majority of Russians feel something akin to love for you guys.

    sapienti sat.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Of course, there will always be somebody who is simply a nazy, but, in fact, almost no one cares about Americans who live in the USA... As for those who live in Russia, the locals usually are interested in them and often like them just because they come from some remote country...

    I know several Americans who live in Russia, and none of them has problems with the locals... So, no, Russians don't hate Americans.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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  • I'm Chinese, and most Chinese people love Americans, because we were allies in both World War 2 AND later in the Cold War, but I think most Russians hate them.

  • 3 years ago

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