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Does Japan really have a low crime rate?

I keep hearing that Japan has almost no crime. However, Japan has one of highest rates (numbers wise) of reported crimes in the world. So does Japan really have a low crime rate or do people just say that.

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    Japan has lower a crime rate than most of other countries.

    Murders per capita (per 100,000 people)

    USA …... 4.7

    Canada .. 1.6

    UK …….. 1.2

    Japan …. 0.3

    Rapes per capita (2003, per 100,000 people)

    England .. 25.1

    S.Korea ….12.7

    Japan ..…... 2.0

    Canada ..… 1.7

    The crime statistics of 1958 also shows that foreigners in Japan had higher crime rates than the Japanese.

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    Crime Rate Japan

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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    You are confusing several things. Japan has a low VIOLENT crime rate. Homicides, rapes, assaults, and such are among the lowest rate in the world. But burglary, theft, prostitution, illegal gambling, petty larceny while not high in Japan, it is not low either.

    A "rate" means how many per X number of people. In regards to statistics dealing with population, the usual number is how many per 100,000 people.

    As for "reported crimes", this is actually a good thing because it means people are more law abiding and trust the police so they report more crimes and therefore the authorities can catch and prosecute more criminals.

    This means having low reported crimes does not make the place safer, but the opposite. In some of the worst crime ridden countries in the world, the people do not even bother to report it because nothing gets done because they have no confidence in the police and justice system due to it being incompetent and/or corrupt.

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    I lived in Fukuoka, Japan for a year in 1955. My husband was stationed 20 miles away, and there were no other Americans living in the city. I lived in one wing of a Japanese family's home. They had a German Shephard sp? dog that was strictly a guard dog that roamed the property at night. That was to prevent any kind of theft. Back then, Japan was pretty much a police state, and there was a station in every neighborhood. They knew everyone in their district, and there basically was no crime. There WAS a bank robbery in Tokyo, when I was there, but everyone said it was done by a "Korean". I felt perfectly safe the entire time. That was a long time ago, but I'd bet that the safety issue has not changed.

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  • 6 years ago

    Relatively speaking, it has half as much policemen as France or United Kingdom, for half the reported rate of crimes.

    There are a few studies around if you look...

    The reason behind less petty crimes is social pressure, culture, yakuza, and police image.

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  • 6 years ago

    low crime rate? yes. at least I haven't heard crime rate is getting high. crime rate of foreigners in Japan is much higher than that of Japanese. unfortunately it's true. however most Japanese don't seem to care about so much. I also like to communicate with foreigners. I would like to know where you got that information from.

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    One first has to define "crime":

    CRIME (noun)

    "an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law."

    Walking across the street when the light is red is a crime in many countries. If the police decide to enforce the law is another thing.

    If we are talking about MAJOR / VIOLENT Crime vs. minor crimes like jaywalking, Japan is indeed one of the safest countries in the world. The per-capita murder rate in Japan is the lowest amongst major nations.

    Essentially, the murder rate in Japan is 0.4 per 100,000 people. Compared to 47 per 100,000 people in Venezuela . In some USA cities the rate is 13.9 murders per 100,000 people.

    Walking in Tokyo at midnight is safer than Detroit at noon.

    So, with major violent crime lower compared to other places in the world. The police can concentrate on "quality of life" infractions. It goes back to what I asked in the beginning, define "crime".

    Not having your bicycle registered properly is by definition a "crime". Of course it is only a minor infraction and you obviously won't go to jail for it.

    Japanese people visit the doctor more than most other people in the world too. Japanese folks tend to be overly cautious, things that people in Western countries might consider only trivial. The police are more engaged in Community Policing compared to their USA counterparts for example. Local police boxes are part of the community and people talk to officers more. Police in Japan tend not to carry around machine guns like in other countries.

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  • 6 years ago

    "People typically report petty things" like a blogger who lives there said. He also said there are these ridiculous stories about men breaking into houses and stealing teenage girls panties. I doubt you'll hear of any serious crime, beside something ridiculous, or sexual.

    Source(s): A blogger's experience, and my own knowledge.
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