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The biggest sports (any sport) upsets ?

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  • 6 years ago
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    The biggest has to be the Miracle on Ice.

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    Since I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, my favorite is the 1960 World Series and Bill Mazeroski's walk off home run in game 7.

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    I can also think of two huge March Madness upsets off the top of my head.....Villanova beating Patrick Ewing and Georgetown in '85, and N.C. State beating the Phi Slamma Jamma University of Houston team in '83.

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  • AGM
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    6 years ago

    Vikings beat 49ers in the 1987 playoffs

    Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in 2001 World Series

    USA wins over Russia in the 1980 Olympics

    Boston Bruins being knocked out in Round 1 of NHL playoffs

    Giants wins Super Bowl XLIV by defeating the Patriots

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I think the biggest Sports upset ever was the 1985 VILLANOVA WILDCAT'S victory over Georgetown in the 1985 NCAA Basketball Championship! I think the 1980 U.S. victory over the Soviet's in Olympic Ice Hockey was big but the Soviet's were showing signs they were vulnerable before their Game against the U.S.

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