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How to get basic channels on a Smart HGTV ?

We cancelled cable (Comcast ) a few years ago, just weren't; using it , and our apps like Netfilx, Vudu etc are usually enough. I would still love to get basic channels to watch things like SuperBowl or Grammys once a year :). Any advice on how to get basic cable on a smart HGTV? Thanks!

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  • Bill C
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    7 years ago
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    I agree with kg7or, that an antenna is the best way to go. I use one myself and love it. But I know sometimes an antenna is not practical.

    Who is your Internet Service Provider? If it is Comcast, then you should look at their "Internet Plus" package. It provides a 25Mbps Internet pipe, plus your local broadcast channels (what you were asking about), plus Streampix (Comcast's answer to Netflix), plus HBO, all for $73 per month, which is only $6 more that their Internet Only service. They even have a promo going right now where you can get it for $40/mo for a year (you'll need to talk to a "Loyalty Specialist" in order to get the deal if you're already an Internet Only customer). If you want 50Mbps Internet service, add $10.

    If you want it in High Def, it'll cost $20 per month ($10 for the HD service, plus $10 for the HD set top box rental fee). Personally, I did not opt for the HD service. As a matter of fact, I don't even use the SD set top box they gave me. I still use my antenna to get the local channels for free in HD. Plus, Streampix & HBO are both available in HD on the web (I have a PC dedicated to the TV for such things).

  • kg7or
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    Get a very good antenna and watch your local over-the-air channels. Which antenna is right for you depends on many factors, and it's very easy to buy the wrong one.

    If you want antenna advice, edit your question with your Zip code if you're in the U.S., and mention whether it's possible for you to erect an antenna over the roof or in the attic.

    Or, if you want to do the research yourself, enter your Zip code and other local info in the website below.

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