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gas and air pressure(different

gas and air pressure(different)???




i mean gas pressure

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    Gas pressure of a certain gas is the force of the gas exerts per unitarea on a surface (usally the walls of its container). Gas pressure is caused by the collisions ofgaseous molecules to the surface.

    某氣體的氣壓(gas pressure),是該氣體施於某表面(通常是它的容器)每單位面積的力。氣體粒子對該表面的撞擊,造成氣壓。

    If the gas is air, it is called air pressure. Simply speaking, air pressure is the gas pressure of air.

    若該氣體為空氣,則稱為空氣壓力(air pressure)。簡單來說,空氣壓力是空氣的氣壓。

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    Burial depth of coal seam with each additional unit (usually with 1 or 100 meters), the average value of coal seam gas pressure increase. In the same geological unit, gas weathered zone below the modern coal mining depth range, without seam gas pressure effect and its buried depth is positively related to mining. The gas pressure gradient varies with geological conditions, gas pressure gradient variation range China mine general every meters (0.01 ± 0.005) Zhao Pa气压是作用在单位面积上的大气压力,即等于单位面积上向上延伸到大气上界的垂直空气柱的重量。著名的马德堡半球实验证明了它的存在。气压的国际制单位是帕斯卡,简称帕,符号是Pa。

    The air pressure is atmospheric pressure acting on the unit area of the unit area, which is equivalent to the upward extension of the vertical column of air, the weight of the upper atmosphere. The Magdeburg hemispheres famous experiment to prove its existence. The pressure of the international system of units is Pascal, referred to as the PA, symbol is Pa.

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  • CK
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    gas and air pressure(different)???

    gas 是 氣體,air pressure 是空氣壓力,重點在於壓力。


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