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Order, Bid, Command..

The three words are meant"命令", but how to differentiate the discrepancy of the three words? (in colloquial)





To order/bid/command family to do anything is my father's hobby.

is the sentence right?

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    1. 兩者都可表示「命令」,其區別為:(1) command 屬正式用語,通常暗示權力,含有「必須服從」之意,主要用於軍事場合。如:Do as I command (you). 照我命令(你的)去做。The officer commanded his men to fire. 軍官命令士兵開火。(2) order 屬常用詞,指一般的上級對下級的命令。如:The chairman ordered silence. 主席要大家安靜。The doctor ordered me to (stay in) bed. 醫生吩咐我臥床。儘管 order 表示「命令」比 command 常用,但在日常生活中仍顯得語氣太強,一般會用 tell 代之。如:He told me not to laugh. 他叫我不要笑。Do what you're told. 叫你做什麼你就做什麼。2. 兩者表示「命令」,用作動詞時,其後的賓語從句通常都用虛擬語氣。如:He commanded [ordered] that the soldiers should go to the front. 他命令士兵奔赴前線。3. 注意 command 用作名詞時的兩類易混結構:(1) in command of 指揮……(帶有主動意味) (2) in [at, under] the command of 由……指揮(帶有被動意味)General Smith is in command of the army. 史密斯將軍指揮這支軍隊。The army is in [at, under] the command of General Smith. 這支軍隊由史密斯將軍指揮。


    Ordering everyone around in the family is what my father does.


    Telling everyone to do his bidding is my father's bad habit.


    My father is no doubt the top of the chain of command in my family.

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