My life is boring! Need help on making it worth something?

weekends i just sit around and do nothing. i really wanna try new things but the problem is i just dont know what i am good at. i havent found the one thing i really love. i really like traveling and photography is cool. but the problem is i dont have a license and no camera. i really wanna make my life worth wild before i get old and miss the opportunity to do something fun but i dont know where to start. and advice on what i should do? (i am 17 and am a junior in high school)


weekdays i just go to school and come home while most of my friends have jobs and girlfriends.

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  • 7 years ago
    Favorite Answer is a fun thing to do. If you hated how a movie ended or didn't like a game character dying.. basically anything that has to do with movies, games, shows, books, etc.. you can make your own stories up and people will read them, review them, favorite, and basically make you feel like you have a life. I get a lot of enjoyment out of writing! Look up RPG Girl if you'd like a general idea!

    Cooking and creating food is a fun way to do stuff at home. I cooked a lot when bored in high school.

    Drawing and coloring. Buying some kid's coloring books can actually keep you entertained and, when you color them slowly and professionally, you'll actually feel like and artist which helps make life worth while.

    Arts and crafts such as oragami, clay making, crocheting, and sewing can be fun! And you'll feel like your life is worthwhile if you make awesome creations and people like them! I used to make paper cranes and cups n such that were so tiny they could fit on a pen tip and people loved them which made me love my life!

    Gardening is especially worthwhile. There's just something amazing about growing your own fruits and veggies! I love having pictures to show people of my garden!

    Taking care of a pet. I have fish and it makes me feel good caring for them and watching them grow. I saved a cat who has now lived with me for 15 years. She's amazing and is part of my family. When I'm bored, just cuddling with her and letting her purr on my lap makes life worth while :)

    Playing board games with family and friends when they have the time. Just hanging out with people once in a while can make your life feel meaningful.

    Video games and computer games. While they don't help accomplish much in life, they get rid of boredom and expand your brain and make you more creative. You can actually feel accomplished in life from playing them. My life feels worth while even thought I've played thousands of games and am no different in jobs than those who don't play games.

    Exercising can make you feel good about yourself and make your life worthwhile. I once did a summer's worth of sit ups and jogging. My arthritis quit hurting as much and it made me feel like I had an awesome life! :D

    Studying and learning new facts. Sounds boring, I know, but I LOVE learning new things. Expanding your brain and discovering all the weird things in this world can make your life feel worth while. Just google a random subject and you're off on an adventure! I once spent a day just learning about string theory and I felt really cool afterwards! =P

    Learning about different cultures, "traveling" the world using Google Earth, and learning new languages can fulfill the part of you wanting to travel. I would love to travel but I can't afford it. So, I travel google earth and watch movies and look at pictures and have been learning German, Spanish, Choctaw, French, and Japanese and it makes my life feel worth while!

    Reading can make your life super fun! When you find a good book, you get lost in the adventure and it really draws you in if you can picture it in your mind :) I read the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix. It was so amazing, I couldn't pry myself away from it! I had so much fun reading it!

    Watching movies or tv shows, discovering new music or bands or music genres, and basically enjoying things such as that CAN make your life feel worth while. I like knowing I've seen more movies than a lot of people my age. And, I don't feel bad about it. I learn a lot of things and memorize funny things that help give me something to talk about when I hang with people.

    Volunteering can help make your life feel worth while. My family and I ran scholastic book fairs for our local middle school for 8 years and we never got paid for it. We felt great ensuring people were learning to read!

    Sports or any activity such as swimming can help make life feel worth while.

    Take it from someone who had overly protective parents and mainly stayed home throughout school- you will definitely find something like what I suggested and when you do, you'll love life a lot more! :)

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    7 years ago

    I suggest you take L ti Izz ' s about civers it all...

    Le me add...

    remote control cars or helicopters are getting popular..

    ...since you like photography why not learn realistic drawing..I Did...I did ir in ONE night...on youtube ...the guys name was mark crilley...I would stop and start the videos until I made the eye he was teaching how to draw.... I love pencil drawing....sketching...I will come back and leave u the link to ckick on.

    ...I got into QuiLLing ( not quilTing) ..and made a snnowflake and put it on a card...I even found a video that shows you how to make the quill tool fron a tiny dowel rod...u can use bamboo sticks...or just something small enough to twist the cardstock around ....don't have cardstock ? cut up a cereak box...or any flat cardboard.....its just for fun anyhow.

    ....try carving a figure of of a branch...never know what u can come up with..a spoon....etc...hang it on the wall for w conversational piece....whittle wood...suppose to be good therapy...just put in "make crafts out of recycle items" on youtube and you will spend all day on there

    ....go to youtube and kearn how to play a guitar...I am going to make a video soon on piano playing...its really easy...its chord playing anyone can kearn in 7 months ir kess...I taught it online games online....i went to facebook and olay. ...draw my thing....its like pictionary...but with people all over the world....i just do it cause I like to draw.

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    7 years ago

    I'm homeschooled all I do is stare at 4 walls 24 hours a day 7 days a week! So yea u have a life compared to me!

  • 7 years ago

    Go out

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