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Who would win in a fight between prime Tatsuya Kawajiri and Benson Henderson?

Kawajiri was able to ragdoll Josh Thomson for three rounds when they fought in Japan, but Henderson had a lot of trouble against Thomson. Who would win this match up, also Kawajiri has excellent back control but his striking isnt as good as Thomsons. Who would win in this match up?


Kawajiri is really good at taking peoples backs as well, and I think is physically stronger than Thomson.

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    Honestly, I think this fight plays out like most of Henderson's fights lately.

    It'd go to decision, and would be very close. I think the judges would favor Henderson (as they seem to always do), b/c he's got that grinding/workmanlike style.

    I don't think Bendo deserved the decisions over Thomson, Gil or Frankie (rematch) but they were all pretty close.

    Kawajiri is inferior to those guys IMO, though as you said Kawajiri did beat Thomson a few years ago.

    Bendo takes a convincing but competitive decision.

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