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Iran vs israel in a war?

I think iran would wipe off. Israel off the map they hate israel witha passion. Annd they won't stop and besides everyone knows israel hides behings the u.s asshole and whether your jewish or not u knoow their americas little *****...america wouldn't get involved they jus got into 2 wars

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    Israel's already proven it can defeat Iran in a war.

    Israel single-handedly defeated the combined armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen during the Arab-Israeli War.

    Iran couldn't beat Israel with the help of six other countries.

    You're either nuts or dreaming if you think Iran could beat Israel all by itself.

    Besides which, Israeli troops are combat veterans. Iranian troops have no combat experience.

    That's because Iran hasn't fought its own battles since the Iran-Iraq War.

    Instead, Iran's been hiding behind terrorist groups like Hezbollah & Hamas to do its fighting for it.

    Iran can't even build a single nuclear weapon. Israel is estimated as having 400 or more nukes.

    So in any war with Iran, Israel will win again.

    That's plain as day obvious no matter what you pretend.

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    Israel has far more sophisticated weaponry than Iran and believed to have nuclear weapons although not confirmed. Should Iran make a first strike on Israel they would also kill countless Arabs who live in Israel and surrounding countries. Israel would respond with nuclear armaments and Iran will suffer mass destruction. There will be no winners. Lol

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    Iran would be the bully of the year if it attacks Israel, a tiny little area in the world.

    Why would Iran do that? I suppose that at the moment , Iran may be acting out the wishes of the extremist religious dictatorship/ followers who wish to rule the world, but pursuing peace would be the better road to tread, not engaging in war.

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    We dont have wars these days.Thats what the UN was set up to prevent. Israel is a superb westernised military power for the size of their tiny country. I can remember how Israel thrashed several Arab armies that tried to invade her in the 60s and 70s. LOL Iran would be whipped good and proper,cant wait !

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    IF Iran attacks Israel they will lose big time. Israel has the finest military in the world - they just aren't big. Remember the 6 day war.


  • Andrew
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    Israel and Iran both have the potential to cause widespread misery and death on their populations. Since they are neighbours they will have to just put up with each other. If and when Syria is stabilised than they may be cooperation between the two sides. Without Syria they will be at each others throats.

  • 2017
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    Iran will never nuke Israel because there are too many important Islamic / Muslim sites in Israel.

    The other Islamic countries would never allow it. if Iran ever did, Iran would be leveled

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    if intensity of hate is concerned Iran may wipe Israel but by destructive/military pwer iran will get leveled on return strike

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    Why? When all Israel wants is to live in peace and Iran is sorting out the issues of their Country, why on earth would they want to engage in a war they don't need. That's a dumb question.

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    Israel has nukes and would not hesitate to use them..that's how much they hate Iran

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