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Importance of religion in the founding of the New England colonies..?

Explain the importance of religion in the founding of the New England colonies (Plymouth, Mass. Bay, etc.).

I know that the Separatists were threatened and went to Holland and then ended up in Plymouth all because of their religious beliefs, and I also know that in Mass Bay there were two groups of Puritans who had a strong sense of destiny and mission for the colony, they aimed to build a better society in America. That is all I really understood from my book, I don't know how to explain/answer the question. Please help! Thank you :)

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    religion was a difficult subject among the English people; and still is today.

    hence it tends to be compartmentalized in many ways in English life - the various christian sects of England for example (you have the mormons, the anglicans, the seven day adventists, Jesus Christ and the latter day saints, methodists, presbyterians, amish, pilgrims - vast array pretty much).

    beginning with secularization and separation of church and State.

    this also reflected in the Constitution and the religious disposition of the founding fathers.

    much of the earlier "pirate" constitutions were "Christian".

    The English people needed a degree of religion, because they were living under the shadow of other Empires who were fairly religious. (i.e. Spain, or Ottoman).

    when England became most dominant and not subjected to pressure, there was an increasing trend among populace to throw away religion.

    Oddly enough, religion found itself on the Union Jack and not too man countries whose populace have a christian majority have a Christian flag.

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    Religion played more in the founding of the country than most people think. Several of the original colonies in what is now New England and the mid-Atlantic states were founded specifically for religious reasons. Pennsylvania, for example, was a Quaker colony. Maryland was Catholic while neighboring Virginia was Anglican. Rhode Island was founded by "radicals" who fled the Massachusetts Bay Puritans.

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    it was the reson why it was founed and helped make some laws

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