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Selling Visa Card on eBay?

I have just sold a Visa Pre-paid gift card on eBay. I explicitly stated that "due to the nature of the item, no returns will be accepted" However I am worried that the buyer might spend the money and then claim it never had a balance when they received it.

I have a picture of the card so I can see the balance if that happens, but are there any precautions I should take to guarantee that this does not happen, or that I will be able to prove my case if the buyer opens a case?

Thanks so much, experience would be great too!!!!

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    Your concern is valid, which is why I would never sell a gift card on eBay. It is a lot safer to sell gift cards through one of the many companies that buy and sell gift cards. Here is an article with more information:

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    I suppose you could register the card online with the buyer's name and address before you send it, keeping the password to the online account. And you would purchase proof of time of delivery or some similar tracking mechanism when you send the card. That way, if there are charges on the card, you can prove through the online history that they occurred after the card was delivered.

    Stating that no returns are accepted does not protect you on eBay (or pretty much anywhere) if the item is substantially different from what a reasonable person would expect. So if you say the card has $50, and send an empty card, you're not protected. And eBay almost always sides with the buyer.

    If I wanted to sell a gift card, I would do it locally on craigslist, then go over to the person's house, where we could register it together online to show what the balance was, and I could get cash.

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