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what is minecraft adventure mode?

in the latest version of minecraft when i wanted to create a world i went through the game modes and i saw there was creative,survival, amplified and adventure. So i know what all of the other modes are but i was wondering what is adventure mode

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    Adventure mode is mostly designed to prevent people from destroying adventure maps made by other players. So if I make a map an host it on a server, I can make is so people can only play it in adventure mode which makes it much harder for them to destroy blocks and structures I don't want them to destroy.

    It does this by making it impossible to destroy blocks unless you have the correct tool. So when you are in "Survival Mode" you can destroy stone with your hands if you are patient. You would not be able to do that in "Adventure Mode".

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    Minecraft Adventure Mode

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    That and it is used in cops and robbers by skydoesminecraft on youtube

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