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circular motion

please give detailed account of why a car skids/ slips/ overturns when performing circular motion on the road...

i'm confused abt these 3 terms....




is it possible for a car to overturn the about the inner tyres?


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    Suppose we are looking on the car at its own reference system, when the car turns a sharp corner, the centrifugal force so produced tends to pull the car radially outward from the centre of the turn. If friction (which points radialy inward) between the tyres and road surface is not strong enough to hold the car in position, the car will slide outward.

    The car will overturn if its speed is high, but the frction between the tyres and road surface is strong enough to prevent slipping to occur. Under such situation, the centrifugal force, produced by the high speed of the car, will contribute a moment about the outer tyres. Should the speed is sufficiently high, the moment would be strong enough to overturn the about the outer tyres.

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    In English, the three words may have slightly different meanings. You could look up these meanings on a dictionary.

    But in physics, particularly in your problem, the physical situation is more or less the same.

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    When a car makes a sharp turn, the centrifugal force is acting radially outward. Hence it is not possible that the car would overturn about the inner wheels.

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