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作30句present perfect please...

作30句present perfect please...


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  • Lam
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    6 years ago
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    1.l have understood the accident in the hong kong from 1 pm to 2pm

    2.We have joined the travel from japan to Tokyo on 14th January 2013.

    3.They have purchased the souvenir for the celebration of birthday.

    4.You have suggested some opinion for the future development in November.

    5.They have arrived the destination for the preparation of

    6.He has assumed the situation can be serious during the financial typhoon.

    7.She has announced about the latest government policy in January.

    8.Famine has been happened during the year of 2014 in Africa.

    9.l have brought the NDSL for my child to play.

    10.l have eaten the breakfast from 7am to 8am.

    11. l have gone to the ocean park

    12. l have done my homework assignment for the requirement.

    13. l have finished the project with my friend and classmates.

    14. They have engaged in learning science for the test.

    15. We have downloaded the software of word 2010 for assignment.

    16. He has explored the suitable place for the business requirement.

    17. She has deleted some rubbish file in the usb system.

    18.Global warming has been affected our global environment since 1900s.

    19. Earthquake has been increased in 2013, especially in japan.

    20. Musical concert has gone in January, you have no need to enquire .

    21.My brother has given the mobile phone to me.

    22.l have ignored the suggestion which is not preferable for us.

    23.l have adjusted the business direction for future condition.

    24.l have appreciated the ambition of world peace for everyone.

    25.l have rejected the unreasonable requirement for administration arrangement.

    26.l have concerned the welfare about the government policy

    27. l have involved in the guilty matter that is so nervous.

    28. Hong Kong government has adopted the rapidly method to solve the problem of Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident.

    29. They have prepared for the presentation of leader talent.

    30. Powerpoint has been made for the introduction of Government policy.

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