Moldy Food From Chic Fil A?

Ok so I'm on break, and I go to chic fil a and I get a fruit parfait . I Noticed the fruit tasted a lil funny but I didn't pay it no mind. When I really examined my food the fruit had all this MOLD on it. So basically I consumed all this mold. So I told my manager what happened and told her I was going to the hospital because my tongue and throat are itching , she said it's ok. 10 mins later she call me and say I'm fired for leaving like what??? I'm not putting no minimum wage job before my health. What should I do? Can't I sue ? That's a FDA hazard to be selling rotting food.

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  • 6 years ago
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    well you should have kept the moldy food, and you can call employment standards on your boss. But take this as a lesson not too eat something that doesn't smell right, smell if the first thing to go in food

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  • Jo Ann
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    6 years ago

    Unless, you showed your manager the mold and a witness to inspect the food and a written complaint, then you will just have to cough it up. If you returned with a diagnosis and tests used on you and it verified that you were sick then you need to speak to the district manager concerning this matter. You are employed and someone has to cover for you and permission was needed. Jo Ann

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