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How to change vista font?

I am trying to change my language for my PC to support Russian correctly but in order to do so I must change the font. And I don't really know how to APPLY the font? Please help.

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    On Windows Vista, you must have Ultimate or Enterprise edition to install the Russian language pack. I'm sure there's a work around for that, but I don't know of the legality of posting that and I'm tired of having my answers deleted by mods for trying to provide alternative tech support to users. At the very least, if you search for "Russian language pack Windows Vista" on Google you should find some advice, there might be a legit workaround. That will update the language of the entire Windows interface.

    If you want to change it for individual web browsers (not Internet Explorer) and some programs (such as Steam), you can always find either language settings in the options menus, or find the Russian language version of the browser on the official website of the browser (I know that Chrome, Opera, Firefox all support it). And many websites have Russian language support, including all of the major social networking sites, many news services, search engines, etc.

    If you're talking about installing the Russian keyboard so that you can type in Cyrillic, then that's also a very easy fix (and this is 100% legit): Go to this site: Download the one you want (I prefer one of the Student Phonetic layouts since it's much less time consuming to figure out than downloading the regular Russian keyboard), install it, and then all you should have to do is press ALT + SHIFT to switch between the languages. If not, you'll have to go to the Control Panel > Region and Language > Change keyboards... This will bring up a menu that will let you add the Russian keyboard that you installed, as well as view or change hot keys to switch between them.

    Hopefully this helps :|

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