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retrieve data files...part 2?

This is a followup to my previous question. Please allow me to fill in more details as I have yet to be able to retrieve my files. First I have a mac. My apologies for not mentioning that before but I thought it wouldn't make a difference. Also, the files I accidentally deleted was my entire music collection. which is over 6,500 files. which equals over 58g. Most of the free software I've found thus far is a "trial" and only able to recover up to 1g. I just wish my music back. Any advice on how to retrieve those files? preferably for free but if that isn't an option I would appreciate being told that as well and given a price range. In my previous question Recuva was the most advised...i can't seem to download the free version. I can only assume that I'd be able to download the $25 version? Now something else to consider....I download the data retrieval software to my flashdrive as my computer isn't really portable & I don't access the internet at home. (complicated story) does this make a difference? I assumed that if I download to a flashdrive than to my computer at home that it would be fine. Am I mistaken? My apologies for my naivety but I am fairly software illiterate. Please help. My thanks.

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