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is there THC in organic cannabis?

is there THC in organic cannabis?

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    Well all cannabis can be considered organic (they are all grown plants), I will say that organically grown or cannabis that has been grown outdoors, usually tends to have less THC then indoor grown weed. I also noticed that organic cannabis has a "active, energetic" high compared to couch lock and munchies.

    edit- unless you asking if there is THC in hemp, the answer is yes but its such a small amount it is not desirable to smoke

    Source(s): i knew a guy who grew cannabis outdoors and raised them "organically" ei, no fertilizer
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    Yes weed that is grown Organically has THC, probably more than conventionally grown plants too. Growing organically is a lot more than avoiding pesticides (and pot plants do get hit with insect damage), it is mainly about the soil and what fertilizers are used and very little pot is fertilized Organically nor is it grown in soil that could be called Organically managed. Most is grown world wide using conventional methods (chemical fertilizers, chemical fungicides and chemical insecticides). I am willing to bet there is less weed being grown hat could be certified Organic than legal crops, even though most people assume that all pot is Organically grown (but that would be a wrong assumption)

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    Pretty much all cannabis is organic, because it needs no pesticides. And yes, it contains THC and other cannabinoids.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    of course... why would "organic" matter?

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